Ume and the Blade

Hi Everyone! Introducing the last of our 4 main decks, Ume and the Blade. This is a very unique deck that highlights Okinawan Karate, Aikido, and has a taste of the Katana. Keep in mind that if you are playing with weapons in your deck, you’ll need to mutually agree with your opponent first! Likewise, “Anything Goes” mode of play also allows for Illegal Moves as well.

What’s the deck about?

Ume and the Blade is a more advanced deck that introduces Takedowns and Grapple (Pins) to your game. After performing a regular attack, depending on what it is, you may follow into a take down. And after a takedown, you can pin your opponent. Getting these combinations may be difficult, but once you have it, you can bring in some pain. Another theme of this deck is to wear down your opponent’s stamina by “decking them out” and causing them to keep discarding their main deck. If you recall, once you a player cannot draw a card from their deck, they will lose a turn to “recover”, reshuffling their discarded cards into their hand. This extra turn can be pivotal to the game and can be controlled through your Aikido prowess.

The Karate aspect is also a sampling for this deck, though offers some solid blocks and a couple of solid attacks. Let’s take a quick look at these cards:

MAE-GERI KICK: With the Karate moves, you’ll notice a lot of focused energy, allowing for more powerful attacks. This kick, if you put some adrenaline in it, gives you a very sturdy front kick. Karate for the most part doesn’t transition their moves in a flowing manner. But what they lack in fluidity of quick combos, they make up for in focused power.

CHOKOZUKI: Another focused Karate move, this time literally requiring you to expend your focus (discarding a card from your hand) to create an even more powerful attack.

OSU!: For practitioners of Karate, this was your Ki. Scrying for your next card is a very tactical advantage worth spending an Adrenaline point for. Regulation of Ki Energy to “refresh” your focus is what this move symbolizes.

SUDDEN RAIN: This is the only Event card in the deck, keeping lines of Ume’s dramatic storyline. Just like in battle when suddenly it pours, visibility and maneuverability becomes hindered. But just like a storm, if you wait it out, it will pass. But who knows in the meantime what advantage you or your opponent could make out of the situation?

AGE UKE: A main Karate block against high attacks. With a little burst of energy you can setup for a very epic counter-attack.

WINDMILL THROW: It’s a very neat move since it’s all about balance and momentum. It happens so fast that an unaware opponent can’t escape, though they can use a last ditch effort to try to lesson their damage in their landing.

SHUTO UKE: A great Karate block that literally chops away at the opponent while you move forward or back away from them. Armed warriors will end up with one less weapon with this block.

TENKAN: This is an introduction of a Grab. Grabs can be a useful “decking” mechanic against your opponent and is your intro into Takedowns. Since this can be very pivotal to Aikido, by preparing for a future Takedown (by discarding one) you can always be sure that Tenkan is in your hand. The SCARIEST thing? You can also keep using it in succession until you can’t bring it back again. Yikes!

KOTE GAESHI: This is your Take Down! So once you’ve setup a Grab, throw your opponent down and sap their stamina. Gain a little bit of adrenaline with this take down as a sweet bonus.

SAYUNAGI: Another great Aikido Takedown. This time less powerful attack-wise but sap even more stamina.

YOKOMENUCHI: Third in a series of Takedowns. No only a way to sap energy and give a large amount of damage, it’s also disarming tool in a weapons battle!

IRIMINAGE: Like pain? this one is all damage that will shake up your opponent quite a bit.

IKKIYO: Ikkiyo is a transition move that offers great defense and awards you for saving up for a Take Down. Forcing your opponent to sap an extra stamina while doing damage is pretty powerful.

USHIRO TEKUBI: One of the two Pins in this deck. We introduce the term Grapple which produces stackable “injury” tokens. This grapple is a Stand to Ground grapple, making it have to follow a Take Down (our future Jiu Jitsu deck focuses more on ground grapples which translates a bit differently.) So long as an injury token is in play, your opponent will keep on taking an annoying 1 ATK damage at the beginning of their turn, simulating the accruing pain from a successful Aikido grapple. Oh, and following the them, a great stamina sap!

NIKKYO: A little weaker at tiring out a person, this grapple instead allows for two ATK damage per turn. Definitely not a great place to be receiving a bunch of injury tokens.

HIGH PARRY: There are only 4 Katana based cards in this deck, and it is completely optional. The reason was to give players a taste of weapons (while King of the Ring brought in a couple of Illegal Moves). Weapons for the most part deal and defend much more damage than normal moves. Some moves (as we saw in this deck) can disarm weapons. As we discuss weapons further, we’ll talk more about the special rulings for them. With High Parry, it’s a great defense that builds to your counter attack. You’ll notice a recurring theme based off of this mechanic throughout the Katana sets.

KESA-GIRI: A very powerful diagonal slashing attack (mastered by samurai). It’s full of force, but leaves you wide open. Kesa-Giri is a great move against weapons as it prevents counterattacks with its sheer power.

JODAN-GIRI: This is another great Katana to Katana combination move, building up more power. A potential 5 ATK is nice though the possibility of giving your opponent a +3ATK bonus is the risk you’ll have to take to get it.

YOKO-GIRI: The Katana’s powerful horizontal attack. This is move is extremely versatile in a Katana based deck, as it’s the perfect link between katana moves, giving you a reward for having attacked with and following up with more sword technique.


This is another deck you’ll have to use speed against. If you play the waiting game, drawn out battles usually end up with you getting decked out and clobbered. The worst feeling is having all your great moves being discarded by getting slammed to the ground, and grappled. You’ll find that if you let a few of these mad combos get to you, it’s very tough to recover.

Because this deck is immensely defensive and relies on spamming Ikkyo and Tenkan to begin their Takedown to Grapple combos, you’ll have to either find ways to neutralize them or prevent them from catching your attacks.

To play around with Ume and the Blade, download the PNP here. You can also still download one of our other 3 decks as well!:


If you recall, there is actually a 30 card expansion pack that was unlocked during this campaign. These moves add a lot of variety for you to build into your deck. The cards come in a variety of different styles including moves from Judo, Sambo, Shaolin, and more! We also have a couple of backer created cards that will be introduced soon. As well, you will also be receiving a weapons pack that will give you more weapons to play with in an “anything goes” match.

Enter the Phoenix!

Hi Everyone,

Bruce Lee was not only recognized as the father of MMA (mixed martial arts), but also known throughout generations for his creation and application of Jeet Kune Do, deriving from Master Ip Man’s Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Enter the Phoenix is a deck that utilizes both styles. To be honest, it’s a deck that has two different core strategies that might work against each other if you aren’t quick to decide your strategy and focus right away. The two strategies make this deck very adaptable like both the martial art styles it represents.

There are no power moves per se, but a lot of combo flexibility as well a good blocks that let you feel light on your feet. Intercepting moves are a winning solution in this deck as well as finding a good rhythm and shuffling back moves to send flurries of punches at your opponent. As well, some attacks are great defenses as they intercept the opponent while the attack is coming.

This is a super quick jab in Jeet Kune Do that goes against the norm. Think of it as an extending front backfist. It snaps forward, using the pivot of the elbow to quicken the move. And because of its angle, you can strategically use this, linking from several moves as a way to stun your opponent. This is a lot different than the straight line jabs other styles have. Thus the quick stun surprises and forces an opponent to discard when defending.

As an attack, it’s stronger than a jab (aiming at your abdomen or solar plexus), possibly knocking the wind out of you. But against a seasoned fighter, using this a surprise defense, ducking under an attack, makes you temporarily undetectable and able to get a quick hit in. And this is independent of following up with a combo since this is a pseudo-interception since it’s happening the same time as your opponent’s attack.

This is like a hook, but stretches out like a slightly angled straight punch, then coming over horizontally like a cross/hook mixed. It’s not very powerful by itself, but in a combo or counter, the surprise factor, coupled with more momentum, gives you more edge.

This is a quick roundhouse kick starting from standing position, without the use of torque and full him movement. It’s purpose is for a lightning fast stun or a “testing” move to gauge your opponent. For you, this also means “resetting” and giving yourself some time prep your next move. This is one of the strategies of your deck where your adaptability lets you utilize more moves and rebuilding your stamina quickly by shuffling back discarded moves back into your deck.

Like the Snapping High Kick though less of a combo move and more of a stamina/move frequency technique. Bruce was able to use this so quickly that cameras couldn’t follow it most of the time. Check out Way of the Dragon (vs Chuck Noris) or Game of Death (vs Dan Inosanto) to see this move in its best form!

This was a very cool surprise move that takes the practicality of a back kick/mule kick, but with more accuracy. Though a technique practiced in Savat (a French Martial Arts style), Bruce Lee incorporated it in Jeet Kune Do, surprising his opponents with it’s quickness and accurate power. Against quick attacks, it can be avoided or blocked easier, but against charging or huge moves, this was a good way to stun or stop your opponent from coming closer.

Have you watched the movie Ip Man? In Wing Chun, the Straight Blast is an overwhelming move that acts as a machine gun of light punches, causing most opponents to only be able to block a few before crumpling from the speed and quantity of hits on them. If you planned correctly, you’ll have quite a few punches at your disposal to well… dispose of to straight blast your way to a devastating win!

One of my favorite blocks since it can link into counter attacks so easily. Imagine blocking then moving the same arm forward into a punch in one continuous motion. It’s a great setup, giving you that extra speed and momentum to recover stamina and allow for even more moves in your arsenal!

Duck and Weave requires a lot of focus to prevent damage from happening. But timed well, your opponent will tire from beating your shadow. LOL.

One of Bruce’s best defenses. A Kick Stop can prevent a leg from raising for a kick as well as people from moving forward. The opponent usually gets pretty startled, giving you a huge opening. Like the Duck and Weave, accuracy takes focus as you have to be super observant an predict the move before it happens.

Ok, THIS is my favorite block of all time. It’s like a quick slap (I know, doesn’t sound very manly), but it’s highly effective. The goal is redirection. Just by moving an attack by half an inch would deter it from hitting you and help you setup for a next move. It’s also a great startle move and in Wing Chung’s trapping techniques, it helps build momentum.

Ah, one of the Backsteps you’ve been hearing about throughout the campaign. It acts like a normal defense but it completely avoids holds and throws, making it a very versatile card to have at least a couple of when customizing your decks.

Lop Sau is a great trapping tool where you block and control your opponent’s attack, making them trapped. It offers great combo linking possibilities as well! As a note, keep in mind that the word “successful” is different for attacks and defense. If an attack is not blocked and an opponent takes the full hit of the attack, it’s successful. For defense, if you defend the entire attack, for example if an opponent hits you with 1 ATK damage and you block with Lop Sau for 1ATK. If a person attacks you for 2ATK and you block with Lop Sau, and 1 ATK damage carries over, it’s not successful.

A Bong Sau move allows you to utilize the rolling and coiling motion of your arm. Then with a pivot of your elbow, you can trap, deflect, or strike an opponent. This is a complex but great setup for counter attacking quickly.

Think of this as the same as the Kick Stop Block, but for High Punches. Fun fact: Did you know you can predict a person’s punch by observing their shoulders? Yep, the shoulder usually moves first before a punch is disengaged :)

Jut Sau is blocking and pulling your opponent in a quick, abrupt motion. You can practically control where they go and redirect their entire person by throwing them off balance. At first glance, this defense looks like a severe punishment for you, but with the right combination of cards, knowing what your next cards are and being able to recover them into your hand or deck would prove to be an asset.

Tan Sau is an awesome block to setup for moves like hooks or crosses. Imagine blocking with a Tan Sau then continuing and following your redirection with a twist of your hips and a forward hook with your other hand into their face. That momentum and speed adds sheer power to your counter attack.

One of Bruce’s signature defense moves that would disarm opponents or startle them with his lighting reflexes before the opponent could use his lead hand.

Strategies against Enter the Phoenix?

This deck’s worst enemy is a power deck that’s all about heavy hitting. Because of relying on intercepting, and a flurry of weaker attacks, this deck requires a lot of skill and some patience to play. Heavy and direct attacks will keep this deck on it’s feet though if it doesn’t finish this deck off quickly, this one will wear them down in a longer game.

For a Print and Play preview of the game, please visit our PNP link. You can also find King of the Ring and Master of 8 Limbs here as well :)

Next up…. Yume and the Blade… a great deck using Okinawan Karate and Aikido!

Master of 8 Limbs

Hi everyone! Tonight we’re highlighting a great martial art style, Muay Thai. Like the actual style, this deck’s goal is to whittle down your opponent’s stamina (discarding your opponent’s cards in their deck), causing them to lose focus (hand discarding), and offers a higher defense on cards attack cards.

The strategy of using this deck lies in patience and playing a bit on the defensive in order to come back and unleash a flurry of kicks. Holding key cards and waiting for the opportune moment in a counter attack are important. This deck may seem choppy for some because there are no really good combos that flow. Rather, attacks are more hit hard, reset and hit again.

Let’s take a look at the cards in the Master of 8 Limbs deck :)

Forward Jab: One of the more basic moves in Muay Thai. Unlike a boxing jab, this one is a forward strike rather than a pulling away stun. The goal is to weaken your opponent’s defenses so that the following moves seem stronger. Notice how this move doesn’t care if someone defends or not. Just as long as it isn’t countered, you get the bonus.

Rising Elbow: One of the several elbow strikes in Muay Thai. This one in particular can cause damage OR can cause opponents to see some stars by knocking out a card from their hand, making them lose their focus.

Thrust Kick: This is considered a “checking” move where you basically push your opponent away from you while they’re coming at you. This is a great move to prevent heavy hitters from wailing on you, but it takes some focus and a bit of stamina to pull off.

Thigh Kick: This is a staple to Muay Thai and often a move used in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) during their standing fight. This is a great “whittle your opponent down” move that penalizes them for blocking. I don’t know if you’ve ever been hit by a lead pipe before… but that is what it feels like to be kicked by a Muay Thai practitioner. Think about having that happen to the same spot on your leg while you block each time.

Press Kick: A press kick is basically a well timed leg strike used to knock the wind out of someone in the gut/mid-range area. Definitely a well rounded strike that can lower someone’s stamina.

High Roundhouse: That’s right! This is your swift kick to the head! Even if blocked, the impact alone will knock some sense out of you. A pretty powerful move that is great for counters and small combos.

Spinning Elbow: Another great elbow attack that is just well rounded and can do some concussive damage.

Reverse Elbow: This is a great “surprise” move. Though it’s relatively weak, it can earn you some quick Adrenaline in an elbow combo. In essence, this is like a lighting fast jab.

Elbow Chop: This one really gets your opponent dizzy. If you can land this one, they’ll be clueless for the one full round.

Knee Clinch: In Muay Thai, this is when they come in close, reign in your head and start kneeing you in the face and chest until you wear down or start crying. To represent the knee barrage, store up a lot of extra kicks or knees in your hand and fire away!

Knee Bomb: This is a charging knee. The more momentum and force you put into it, the greater the reward. This is the most powerful single strike in Master of 8 Limbs, giving your opponent a possible 6 ATK damage!

Leg Raise: Defense! This is the most common Muay Thai move that, because of their training in turning their shins into the equivalent of steel, an unprepared kick will be retracting with severe pain or a cracked bone.

Chop Block: This one is basically a forceful “NO!” You basically attack an opponent’s move with a chopping motion and get in close. If you counter attack with an even closer elbow, your positioning gives you the edge.

Leg Grab: This move takes some focus, no doubt. But to grab a kick and return the favor with an attack of your choice, of course it’s going to hurt a bit more!

Step-Up Knee: This is a very strange move that looks awesome if timed right. When an opponent comes in to attack, you step up on their forward leg and do a rising knee to their chin, nose, or face. Give it some extra burst and this block turns out to be a guiltless attack at the same time!

Changing Winds: The only Event card in this deck. Imagine you are in the devastated village against your opponent and gusts of wind swirl dust and sand around you and your enemy. Visibility are hard to see unless both fighters are willing to reveal their attack and agree to move to a different are to continue.

Absolute Focus: In Muay Thai, focus is a very integral part of their training. You can regulate your pain and focus it into “bursting” your attacks. Spending only 2 ADR you can make all of your moves a little more combo friendly. And if you had more in your deck and enough ADR, stacking them can offer some crazy fun! (Receiving end, not so much.)

Kicking Combo: If you have 3 ADR, this one puts you on an all out offensive for as long as you can flip over kicks on the top of your deck. Kick after kick becomes an unblockable swarm of pain. Play this correctly and the fight is as good as yours. (Maybe in other decks there are ways to manipulate or regulate your stamina to your favor?)

Wai Khru Ram Muay: This is the ceremonial dance-like prayer that Muay Thai practictioners do before and after their battle. They believe this is a way to show respect and appreciation to their gods and ancestors, as well as past Muay Thai fighters who have fought before them. It is said that fortune smiles upon those of sincerity and heart. Of course, it also freaks out your opponent and pumps up their adrenaline a bit.

Playing against the Deck:

Going up against Master of 8 Limbs requires a lot of speed and maneuverability. Do not try to all out combo swarm them or else they would just put up a solid defense, then counter attack with power hits. Instead, stick and move with single attacks or 2 hit combos. If you have a limber character that can control their hand, all the better to filter out their defenses.

To try out this deck or our boxing deck, King of the Ring, click on this dropbox link:

Enjoy and see you in about a week or less with an introduction to Enter the Phoenix, a deck focusing on Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do!

King of the Ring

Good morning everyone!

King of the Ring is our Boxing Deck for Martial Arts: The Card Game. It comes with 54 cards mixed with Attacks and Defense moves, Strategy Cards, Events, and Illegal Moves. This deck is probably an easy deck to get into as the learning curve is very slight.

The theme of the deck concentrates on power hits and combo transitions. A strategy is to plan out your attacks to setup for unblockables or pace yourself between heavies and light, trying to get a 2-hit/3-hit combo here and there.

So, let’s go over each of the cards in the deck:

JAB PUNCH – Just likethe actual move, a jab punch is used as a way to distract or stun an opponent with a flurry of light attacks that concentrate on speed. With this card, on the 3rd jab you play in a row, if not “countered” (so just a defense won’t work against it), you can setup your next power hit to be unblockable. Of course, this means you’ll have to play your hand pretty strategically to load your hand with 4 cards you want to use. But, jabs are a general term as there are other cards from different martial art styles that have jabs of their own which you can customize into your deck.

STRAIGHT PUNCH: Though a “vanilla” card, this card has a higher CPT and ATK for you to link into other moves. It’s own linker is higher to balance the card and to represent a stronger exertion of energy used in the actual move.

CROSS PUNCH: The better version of the Straight Punch where the CPT is higher and the LNK is less. This is a great linking card to add to your combos.

HOOK PUNCH: One of the stronger punches that can potentially be devastating to you opponent. Like the actual move, a Hook Punch can be more effective borrowing the momentum of a prior move, thus making it completely stun a person (lose an attack phase) on the receiving end of a combo. The opponent can discard a card at random from their hand, simulating losing focus from the attack combo (your hand is your focus and your deck is your stamina.)

UPPERCUT: One of the strongest moves in the game that if unchecked, can make you lose all that hard earned ADR. But, getting uppercut by a boxer will definitely stop any adrenaline from pumping.

HAYMAKER: With a whopping 5 damage (taking a quarter of your opponent’s life), this is your “all out” move that gets a big handicap. For one thing, it has a high LNK so following combos are going to be tough. There’s also no DEF value so it’s an “attack only” card. Plus you have to be weary for sidesteps/backsteps or else you’ll overshoot the attack, leaving your back completely exposed for an onslaught by your opponent.

FEINT: This is a very useful card. Though it’s an “non-attack” attack, it helps flush out defense cards from your opponent to help you setup your attacks. If they don’t sacrifice one, you’ll get to haymaker them for free AND since the LNK is only 1, you automatically get a point of ADR if you play a successful attack.

BOLO PUNCH: There are so many iterations of the actual move. From what I’ve learned, it’s most effective as a speed blast of mid range attacks that switch from high and low attacks to overwhelm your opponent. This mid-range move can substantially grow. With every 2 cards you discard, you essentially get an extra 2-ATK damage move. Although your opponent can block each 2-ATK, you’re basically helping to filter out cards less useful, spending your opponent’s defend moves and fanning out your attacks. Remember, you’re still doing your initial 3-ATK damage as well.

SIDESTEP: A very powerful defense move that is effective against specific moves throughout the different decks. You may use this as a regular 2-DEF move or by discarding 3 cards, you can completely avoid an attack. Coupled with a low LNK, your counter attacks just got more interesting.

LOW GUARD:  A good defense, but more importantly, the ability to gain ADR points quickly by filtering your own cards. Basically this move alludes to focusing on your defense to build up some adrenaline.

HIGH GUARD: Specifically for pesky “High” attacks (the cards that that apply will have the word “High” in their move title). This is your average defense with a low LNK for good combos starting.

CLINCH: Getting shut down by attacks? End you opponent’s turn though still taking the blunt of their last attack. PUSH cards are the only thing that can get people out of your clinch. But a well timed clinch can possibly win you the game, even at an ounce of your health!

DOUBLE KO: This event card reminds me a lot of Rocky 2. If you play this card, the effect is global and “resets” the players each time medium damage is done. Imagine going blacking out the same time as your opponent and struggling to get back to your feet each time. But if this gets too intense, any one or more players can spend a total of 3 ADR to remove this event…. or you can replace it with another event.

SEEING STARS: Another fun event to play to mess with your opponent. Make each turn start of just a bit blurry until both players agree to give each other a chance to refocus. But keep in mind that if you play withe someone a bit less honorable, they may trick you into giving up your attack turn without actually giving up their own!

TAUNT: This is a great 1-ADR move. Filter your opponent’s card or get them to waste an attack. Of course, you should have some kind of defense ready unless you’re trying to go all beefcake and take the hit on purpose. I suppose there really isn’t any etiquette when you’re taunting.

BOB AND WEAVE: So when this card is played, it lasts the entirety of your opponent’s attack turn. It’s a sure fire way to annoy your opponent for as long as you have cards in hand, you can dodge any attack that comes your way. Like a clinch, this is a great way to tell the attacker to just stop.

ROPE A DOPE: Purposely pinning your back against the ropes, you basically play possum until it’s time to unleash your power hits. In this case, as +1s to all your attacks this turn!

EYE OF THE FIGHTER: Costing a whopping 5 ADR, this is a CRAZY powerful move. Though balanced by not awarding further ADR, this move can win you the game, or at least whittle down your opponent dramatically if played correctly.

EAR BITING: A very famous illegal move in Boxing. This isn’t very focused on doing damage, rather disabling your opponent’s focus. I love how this card doesn’t care if it does the 1 ATK damage or not… it will STILL mess with your opponent’s hand!

HEADBUTT: The last card in the deck, this illegal move hurts their hand, adrenaline and your head. Plus, it has a higher CPT which is also very nice when combo-ing.

Overall Thoughts

King of the Ring is definitely a heavy hitting deck. It has a balance of the variety of different cards and plays well with small combos. Raising your ADR up to unleash Eye of the Fighter and setting up small moves ahead of time make this deck powerful.

The weakness of this deck are fast characters that are agile with sidesteps and backsteps. As well, any deck that can manipulate cards in hand will break the rhythm of the boxer, forcing them to sacrifice linking combos.

Until Next Time

Here is the link to the PNP of King of the Ring. The rules on our website haven’t been updated (which I’ll do this week). One of the biggest update from the old rules, is the ability to “Exert” yourself, letting you refresh your hand at a cost of stamina. This was a unique way to help get people out of stale hands. Basically, for every 1 card you wanted to to draw towards your maximum hand size, you would discard 1 from your main deck. So 1 discard, then 1 draw. Remember, once you have no more cards to draw, you lose a turn to “recover” and rest.

This week of updates

Hi everyone, just a quick note about these next couple of weeks. We’ll be posting updates of the different constructed decks and every unique card in their respective deck. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and will bring back new life to this project. We’ll kick off the  middle of the week with Boxing and by the end of the week, some Muay Thai.  Along with these update will be their PNPs for you to download.

As for production, we’re still waiting. I’ve told the manufacture to send us some pictures when they’re at that point to pump us up for the shipment date. Though I don’t have a solid date just yet, I do have some good news.  I’m going to arrange for 150 units of the game to be air shipped so that there’s no need for you all to painfully wait for “by sea” shipping, though the rest of our inventory will be coming that way.

And… Well the next bit of good news will come  via our next update. Stay tuned!


Time to get back up. Round 3: Fight!

Hi Everyone,

Good news on production side of things, we’re starting to get clearer dates. Since the last update we explained that we had forgone the waiting since the customs issue with our last manufacture and invested in producing the game with a second manufacture. Rest assured, the game is in production and the only struggles we’ve really had (and this is past tense) were the main box/tuck box layouts, since their setup is much different than others we’ve worked with. The majority of production should be handled this month for its completion and we should have things ready for shipping in about a month.

Seeing how this has been taking forever, we are requesting that the manufacture AIR SHIP the first completed 150 copies over to us so that we can begin fulfilling the game ASAP instead of waiting for the full 30 days of Sea Freight shipping. To give you a perspective of this, because this wasn’t our original manufacture, instead of a minimum order of 500 units, we have to produce 1,500 copies. The remaining copies will be coming to us by sea as normal to keep costs down. So you will definitely receive them before December, this year (I’m over projecting here…).

For waiting so long, is there something you can give us?

Yes! Although we have already spent all of our own personal funds to manufacture with the second company as well as upgrade the box, I personally feel that through a lot of mismanagement and initial lack of experience, I had failed this campaign. But I have also learned a lot from all of you and would like to express my appreciation moving forward. I can’t tell you what it is yet, but I have something exciting planned as a sincere thank you for your patience throughout this experience. This news will come sooner than you think ;)

Ok, but are there still refund options?

Because of the nature of this campaign, we are open to accept refunds, though you would have to e-mail me at: and be sure to add the subject line: Martial Arts Refund with your request.

Moving Forward?

Production wise, I will keep updating you as we receive information. In my next conversation with them, I’ll see if we can get them to send some print/manufacture photos to bring life back to this project.

In the meantime, I’ll be finally posting PNP copies of each deck starting this coming week. Per each deck posted, I’ll give a quick overview on the gameplay mechanics, uniqueness of the deck, and the ideas behind it. Starting with King of the Ring, our boxing deck. Following, we’ll also start re-updating our websites so that the information will be equivalent to our updates for those who would like to receive info outside of Kickstarter.

And… I think it’s due time for a revamped gameplay video. So expect that to be on our to-do list as well (we actually had it filmed before GenCon but hadn’t had a chance to edit it yet. So it should be soon!)

Catch back with you all early this coming week!

Martial Arts: The Card Game Update

Hi Everyone,

If you’ve been wondering the status of the actual product, so have we. Finally, after several interactions with the manufacture representative, we moved above him and found that our products have been just sitting at customs in Asia for a month and a half… unclaimed. Ok, if you ask me, this is incredibly ridiculous and the constant string-along we’ve been having with our manufacture has gotten way past the point of our patience. This said, we haven’t been able to do much in aggressive action as they have our deposit and the game is already produced. We’ve already had legal send our documentation to customs to move that process along (they cleared it on Friday, their time). I don’t know what the timeline is of shipping and will not get a confirmation until Tuesday, our time, when I hear from the customs department. So…. I’ve made an executive decision to produce another run but with a completely different manufacture. We are sending our files to WinGo this week to have them produce the game and send it to us as FAST as they can.

Are we nuts? Yes…. but instead of waiting and praying that things go smoothly with the terrible experience we had with our first manufacture, we are going to do this in parallel and send you whichever product that comes first. Anything extra, well… means we’ll have more product for retail. To be honest, I’d rather we do it this way, especially since we’ve actually had WinGo produce a few of our products for the Fairytale Games line and I am confident in their abilities. Plus, their representatives are readily available so we never have to hunt them down. Going with WinGo, specifically with our game, we can expect 10 days for production upon receiving the files and about a month shipping by sea. Since WinGo handles the customs side of things, at the very least, we don’t have to worry about this.

In the meantime, my goal is for us to upload the PNPs to the first 4 decks before we head to GenCon. We’re currently in frantic deadline mode on a lot of things, so please bear with me on this. You’ve all been super patient with us and we sincerely appreciate that more than you’d even know.

Please let us know your thoughts! We are very excited to bring this game to you and will do so no matter what other odds are in front of us.



Hi Everyone,

Maybe a bit counter-productive, but I just touched back down to Houston after spending some great time with the Dragon Tides Team and Bruce Lee, LLC and wanted to update you that an update will be coming this week. We’ll talk about current gameplay elements, Dragon Tides, and our Series 2 for Martial Arts: The Card Game.

As well, I wanted to see if any of you will be at GenCon this August. We will be there and sharing a booth with Greenbrier Games (Booth#1556). If you’re attending, please stop by and officially introduce yourself! I’d love to meet you and play a round or two with you there and pick your brains on what you’d like to see in the near future.

Ok, talk to you all again this week :)

Drunken Fist a.k.a. Zui Quan

Hi Everyone,

Getting back to our initial topic before the last Dragon Tides update, we were delving in deeper to start discussing some of the backer created cards and the ideas behind them.

Today, let’s talk about the backer deck for Drunken Fist, or Zui Quan.

What is Drunken Fist?

For those of you who haven’t heard of this or seen this martial art style in any movies, it will sound a bit far-fetched. From movies like Drunken Master, Once Upon a Time in China, or the like, a Kung Fu practitioner, someone with a strong base in Shaolin or Hung Gar Kung Fu will end up having this “secret” skill where the influence of alcohol, coupled with their training, will make them able to surprise their opponents with movements with no patterns, the ability to transition to various moves that have nothing in common, and vary their speed and strength at alarming rates. Here are a couple examples:

Jackie Chan’s “Drunken Master 2″ (Starts out using it from his training, but doesn’t pull off the “essence” of the real style until he drinks the alcohol near the end). Start watching at 0:58.

Jet Li’s “Once Upon a Time in China: Rooster vs Centipede” (He starts drinking alcohol and slowly progressing into a more powerful form as he becomes more intoxicated). Starts at about 1:09.

Ok, what is the style like really?

This style of Kung Fu has a lot of interpretations. In Shaolin alone, Zui Quan differs between northern, southern, and different sects/divisions. I think for a more modern example of how the postures, stances, and technique (sans alcohol) is like, check out this clip from “Fight Science”

And don’t take any offense, but please, please, please do not learn Drunken Fist from this video:

So how does this translate into our game?

Great question! Normally, in deckbuilding games, you can build off of basic principals such as:

  • Milling
  • Hand Control
  • Resource Destruction
  • Pumping/Buffing/Ramping
  • Combos
  • Resource Management

What our backer really wanted to do, was to incorporate all of these, but in combination with some of the other gameplay mechanics offered in this game such as Adrenaline Points and Linkers. But to do this and make it seem seamless, took quite a bit of tweaking. He didn’t want his deck to look like a stack of random ideas just thrown together. As well, he wanted his cards to have open-ended abilities that might offer new combos with cards from the expansion or future cards from other styles of martial arts.

Balance was also a really big problem since this was not a thematic deck in the way that others focused on one or two styles at max and were cohesive in that way. So after several back and forth trial and errors, he came up with an ability for all of his cards that actually work VERY well with one of our series 2 decks, Hung Gar.

The ability is called “STANCE CHANGE“. Since Drunken Fist also incorporates the rapid changing of stances/footwork to flow into the next, this made perfect sense. To do this, you would have to discard one of your Attack or Defense cards in your hand (no Events, Items, or Tactic cards). This will allow you to change your stance and either power up your next move, give it a perk of either an adrenaline, attack, defense, or CPT boost (depending on the card) or maybe something that interferes or disrupts your opponent’s cards/deck/hand.

Here’s an example of a very straight forward Stance Change. Imagine the Angry Drunk getting angrier as he loses focus (like being intoxicated); the focus being your hand.:

Next, we have a card that has a normal ability as well as a Stance Change ability. As well, notice that the ability requires you to discard 2 cards instead of 1. With this move, you can dodge, spin and press on your opponent’s back, preventing their move from happening. But with less control over your movement (like not being inhibited by your normal reasonings for controlling your power), you land hard on your opponent, almost pinning them to the ground right before you roll off, preventing any more attacks from them!

There are a lot of varying possibilities and flexibility with this deck that our backer has really put a lot of thought into. As for why we’re calling him “Backer” instead of revealing his name, is because he wants it to be a surprise to a few of his friends (that’s also why his name is not on the bottom of the card examples above.)

Overall, I think this deck is a pretty advanced deck that can be skillfully played or offer many cool moves (whether you utilize the Stance Change or not) to add to your own deck’s playing style.

See you in our next update soon!

Dragon Tides

Hi Everyone! Today has been an excellent day :)

I had previously hinted at an upcoming game/campaign but couldn’t delve into details until everything was approved. This afternoon we had just gotten the green light on moving forward with what I hope will create quite the buzz all around. With several cogs now in motion on and off kickstarter, I’d like to proudly introduce Dragon Tides.

What is Dragon Tides?

Simply speaking, it’s a 1-7 Player Miniatures “Dungeon Crawler”, set in the modern day era starring Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee! This is the real deal; an Official License that Bruce Lee, LLC is excited that we are creating with them.

Think of this game as a tribute to the action genre, martial arts movies, and video games such as Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, and Final Fight. The game is broken up into 3 main chapters with subchapters in between to focus on the rich storyline. Gameplay is “action point” based and is cooperative, competitive, or both (you and up to 4 friends can challenge the game or go up against 1-2 players who will control all the enemies you meet from “The Organization”.) Combat uses cards that play very similar to Martial Arts: The Card Game, but will feature a new mechanic called “Observation” where you can remember moves of your opponents during battle and train after the fact, in order to learn those moves yourself.

Another key element is the environment being interactive, something that few games have done so far. There are some elements that can be used as weapons, hurt enemies by kicking them through or can be inspected for quests or bonuses.

As you progress through the game, you will encounter Mid-Bosses (if defeated, will train you on their signature move) and Bosses that if defeated, will join your team as an ally! Lots of special guests to come :)


What are they made out of?

The minis will be a PVC 95 degrees plastic. Though not a very hard plastic, PVC 95 retains a high amount of detail from the original sculpt, and is also very durable and will hold up well under use. It is also the hardest plastic that can be used that allows for the minis to be preassembled during manufacturing. The technology being used to mold the miniatures is quite advanced – multiple part molds are used, allowing us to create complex and dynamic poses for the characters; having a semi hard plastic allows the miniature parts to release from the mold more easily and minimizes the number of individual parts of a mini that have to be made separately. This essentially frees our 3d artists to sculpt the minis however they want, while also allowing the minis to be made up of only a few individual pieces that can be easily assembled during manufacturing.

What are their size specs?

The minis follow the same size specs as the Fairytale Games: Minis Campaign. The bases are about 35mm and the height, somewhere between 35mm-45mm, though we are planning on scaling them slightly smaller for final manufacture production.

Quirks and Details

The minis will have two really neat features to them. One being peg stands that are removable and will fit on the bottom of the base of the Dragon Tides minis. They are like the WizWars peg stands, but with the hole on the bottom of the mini instead of the peg (so it can stand up without the stand). Our bases will be similar to Fairytale Games as it will be detailed rather than plain like WizWars. Here’s an example of WizWars:

These pegs will be a way for your character to show if they are carrying a weapon, picking up a barrel to throw at someone or to indicate any ailments.

Another REALLY cool feature, is that the bases of the minis will have directional arrows engraved into them to signify the direction your character is facing. In Dragon Tides, where your mini is facing will give you advantages and disadvantages just like a real fight. Think about what happens if you’re surrounded! But more details another time ;)

Can you elaborate on some of the other components?

Sure thing! Let’s say you and a friend decide to team up and go up against another friend who will be controlling the enemy. The “Main” characters will be using Character Player Boards.

At first glance, you can see the health bar up top (there will be a slider much like in Zombicide); Two item slots for any weapons, gear, or health bonuses you’d like to carry; The amount of Action Points and Movement your specific character has, and a Level Up meter on the left that will give you different perks as you spend Experience Points to increase. Like most fighting games, you also have a power meter, or in this case a “Focus Meter” at the bottom. You’ll gain more focus in battle as you successfully observe moves. As it fills up, you can unleash signature moves and even an ultimate finishing move!

On the bottom of each Character Player Board is a bonus that applies just to that character. So select your player wisely! Each character will have their own style of play.

Combat Decks

When engaged in combat, you will have a deck of cards you can utilize to unleash attacks, defense, signature moves, and tactics that will help you in battle. Though your main character starts off with only a handful of basic moves, as you learn more, you can gain a full deck of more advanced moves at your disposal. Henchmen, Mid-Bosses, and Bosses will also have varying decks that represent their specific style of martial arts. If a Boss becomes an ally, you can use their deck and character player board as well. Here’s an example of a couple cards (which will be very familiar to you all).

Notice the “Level” on the top. This is integral in Observing moves as it is next to impossible to learn moves above your own level.

So how do you “learn” new moves?

With Dice! Dice actually plays a big part of the game in Tasks, Combat, Observing moves, and a lot of the situations that are dependent on chance. Unleashing finishing moves are a lot more fun when dice are involved :)

With observing moves, cards in your hand will be used to initiate it, while dice will be used to determine the success rate, going up against the difficulty of the move. It’s kind of hard to explain without showing you the dice…. which will be soon. We’re actually waiting for our prototype dice to come in so we can finish our gameplay video in time for the campaign.

Task Cards

During your turn, you are able to use your action points to move your character, initiate combat, train in observed moves, and also participate in side-missions called Tasks. You will have to find NPC (non-player characters) that will let you spend EXP (experience points) to draw a Task Card. These cards will go under your player board, though only 3 tasks can be open at the same time. Tasks require you to spend Action points on to initiate. Once you do, you’ll have a goal and a duration in which it must be completed in. Sometimes it can be dictated by time (turns), actions, movement, or by certain events happening. If you complete a task, you’ll gain the specific reward on the card. Here’s just one example…

Notice that some tasks require the use of our Focus Dice. Some require different combinations of icons on the dice.

Event Cards

On the other side the enemy player, though they do not utilize Player Boards nor cannot level up, can use their Action Points to create and initiate an Event that may change the course of play or put the Main Characters in a really bad situation. Here’s an example…

There are a lot more cards, gameplay mechanics, and exciting variations of play that we’ll mention as we release more info. The rulebook has different scenarios that will allow you to play out the game as if they were different storylines, making replayability very cool.

I saw something about Dragon Tides on Kickstarter already!

Yes, if you’re talking about Level99‘s current campaign, BattleCon Remastered, they just released a promo pack of Bruce Lee. This is a very exciting collaboration we are doing with them, offering them a Legendary fighter in their game, and in return, a very special fighter from their BattleCon universe as a miniature figure in our game to go up against Bruce and Brandon Lee!

If you haven’t done so already, please check out their campaign here:

Today’s update was actually a timed update with Level99. I wanted them to have the first chance to announce Bruce Lee as their promo character while briefly introducing Dragon Tides to their fans. Once our Kickstarter is launched, Level99 has graciously offered to make an announcement as well, and also announce which character of theirs will make it into our game.

Besides Level99, will there be other special guest companies collaborating?

Because I promised that you would get the first bit of exciting news, just like the initial teaser of Dragon Tides coming to be, we are proud to have guest appearances from:

With this high caliber of great companies involved, Dragon Tides will be a very exciting campaign for everyone!

When will Dragon Tides Launch?

We had planned for it to be next week, but as of today’s meeting with the team, we are still undergoing a couple more artistic approvals from Bruce Lee, LLC. I think realistically, we’ll launch the campaign in the middle of July.

Is there any way I can get the latest information?

We just launched a Facebook for Dragon Tides at

As well, our main website is now live, but it is not complete. We haven’t made an official announcement because of that fact and are kind of embarrassed thus far (I mean, the About page has a top banner of trees… talk about a weird placeholder). But since it’s already public, feel free to visit as we continue to update the site these next few weeks at 

We’ve also just started a newsletter subscription this morning (we haven’t sent out any yet since we currently only have a handful of subscribers). The information will be game details much like this update, as well as a reminder of the official update. Please sign-up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out on our official launch date or any surprises we’re planning on announcing.

And finally, for the quickest way to get random and sporadic information about Dragon Tides, please visit our twitter at:

If we can get a chance to breath, I would also like to start a website dedicated to Dragon Tides and link it to our main website. Once it’s live, I’ll let you all know :)

Will you continue to update us with Dragon Tides news?

Yes, absolutely! I’ll post more news as we move forward, keeping you all in the loop. Once again, the reason for pushing back all of this news, was to coordinate the timing with Level99’s release of their Bruce Lee promo card today. Since Dragon Tides is very much in the martial arts world and utilizes key gameplay elements of Martial Arts: The Card Game, it’s my pleasure to keep you informed on the storyline, the characters, and surprises Dragon Tides has to offer.