Starting the New Year with a Knockout!

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! To kick off 2014 in a good way, all of our artwork has be submitted for King of the Ring and we are finalizing all printer ready PDF files to be shipped off to print within two weeks. Finally, after a stall from artwork, we’ve gotten past the hump and are ready to knock these out!

Once the printer has the files, they will setup and create a proof to be shipped to us. If everything looks correct, we confirm everything with them and give them the go-ahead to mass produce this for us. Once ready, they will ship them to us and we will start the shipping process. But before we ship everything out, we’ll double check with you all to re-confirm addresses since some of you may have moved. As well, since the art is in, we can finish and reprint the art books!

The next two weeks will be super busy, but we will keep you posted every step of the way. Once we ship the files to the printers, we will offer the files in our dropbox for you all to download as PNP copies. We’ll make the announcement when that is ready.

For the backers who have deck designs that are going out in our second shipment run to you all, we will be contacting you right after our files are sent to print to coordinate the completion of your decks.

Thank you all so much for your patience and looking forward to finally bringing this game to you!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to wish you all the best for the holidays and once again give you our warmest thanks and patience through the production phase of Martial Arts: The Card Game. Following the last update, we have very good news.. Here, let’s have a quick look :)

As you can see, we’ve updated 10 new illustrations for King of the Ring. The artwork was split between two artists, Coro and Ameen. As you can tell, their styles are different. This actually works very well with the deck, letting you see our character starting off as a mere Street Fighter, training, and becoming the True Boxer he has become now!

So from this point on, we are only missing 5 illustrations then we can move forward to get the Artbooks printed, PNP’s ready, and everything sent to print! We are definitely ready to start everyone off to an exciting 2014 :)

More updates coming soon!

Happy Holidays Cometh!

Hi Everyone, Just a quick note that some of the King of the Ring cards are now coming in! Here’s the first 5 from our artist Ameen. In our last update, he gave us a few sketches so let’s see what the final pieces look like in comparison.

Expect the rest of his set in a few days :)

In addition, Coro is almost done with his 10 pieces. He is guesstimating that we’ll have them in our hands by tomorrow at the latest. While we’re waiting we’ll start putting them together with their respective card stats so that we can get things ready for print ASAP.

Looks like the holidays are bringing in the much necessary cheer!

Progress Report!

Hi Everyone,

Just to keep you in the loop, back in November, when we had our new artist Ameen re-illustrate the King of the Ring deck, the Hurricanes in the Philippines hit and because he is Filipino, he was without power for a couple of weeks. (He and his family were fortunately not hurt from the disaster.) Seeing how we wanted to make sure to make up for lost time, we hired on another artist, Coro, hailing from Indonesia who has a very similar style as Ameen and broke up the King of the Ring set into two artists. Both are currently finishing up the colors and special effects on the cards, though at a very moderate pace.

For those curious at some of the Preliminary Sketch work Ameen did in early November, here are just a few samples of these cards:

Keep in mind those were just the initial sketches for concept and layout. For Coro, we had him go straight into the main artwork without sketches to save time. They should be finished with their artwork in about a week.


This is one area that we have been slow on as well. We have completed the Drunken Fist (Zui Quan) Deck as well as the Fencing Cards (10 Weapon Set). We still have not completed coordinating with the Backers of the Silat/Katar and Sumo/3-Section Staff of their decks. Because of this, we will be shipping you two shipments of games to save time (to those who will be receiving the backer created decks). The first shipment will have everything else (playmats, promo/exclusive cards, art books) and the second (for those that apply) will be the two Backer Decks with their respective card tuck boxes.

While we’re waiting on the artwork and production to be complete, we’ll do a better update for you all on the 2 Backer Decks, after their approvals by the Backers of course.

To give you a sample of the Fencing and Drunken Fist Deck artwork, check them out!


We understand that a lot of you have been worried about this project and have been very supportive and are continuing to be excited about Martial Arts: The Card Game. But because of all the mishaps and speed bumps we roughed through, we want to give our sincere thanks to you all and have arranged something special with our print vendors for you.

We wanted to wait until we updated you all with the finalized King of the Ring cards before announcing this, but since our dry spell of updates, we figured this would be an even better time to tell you ….

For our backers who are receiving at least one deck, we have upgraded our packaging and are giving you the best box we could have for your game. Here’s the concept layout from our manufacturer.

Each deck will have it’s own Tuck Box as well as they will fit, drawer style in their own box to make carrying the game and all 7 decks stylish and efficient. Of course, you can pull out the drawer inserts and put multiple copies of your cards as well as future decks as well.

Though it doesn’t fix the delay, it is something we wanted to do to thank you for your patience and understanding, while making the game as a whole look even better.

Shocking but salvageable discovery!

Hi Everyone,

For the month of September, we were getting the PDFs ready for print. All of the artwork had been turned in and we sent artwork for the game and the Art Books out for printing this month of October. We decided to go with a printer in the United States through Cartimundi’s Dallas branch (the print vendor of Magic the Gathering). That’s the good news!

Here’s what has been going on these past 3 weeks and the reason for the white noise from us. We found that one of our artists, the illustrator of the King of the Ring deck had plagiarized all of his artwork. We found this out after seeing prints for our art books as the printer told us that he’s seen some of those pieces before. We saw the red flag and did some investigation in the matter only to be shocked to see that this artist took actual photos and traced over them in Photoshop, just adding effects to make the photo seem more like painted artwork. He did this possibly to save time so he can get paid quicker and get the next batch of work. Upon even closer inspection, you can definitely tell how he doctored up these photos. Here is an example of just one of the 19 pieces he faked. We went through ALL of his pieces and found all but two of them to be photo tracing and photoshop manipulation. This is not excusable and could even cause legal issues if we didn’t know and had printed the deck and sold it via retail!

For the naked eye, his pieces look pretty good, but when you look REALLY closely, you can see the imperfections. What was worse, was having these pieces as 8.5″x11″ in the art books where you can see it even clearer.

So…… what can we do? Unfortunately for us, that means we are having to redo all of the King of the Ring artwork. We can’t print until they are complete since the printer has it setup as whole project sheets instead of separated by decks. The good thing, is that we will not have to sacrifice any integrity of this project and you will have even better artwork from another artist to represent the King of the Ring. Here is this new artist’s art style. He was one of the 4 artists who was commissioned to do the backer created deck for Drunken Fist (Zui Quan).

Because of this incident, we had to review all the other art pieces to make sure than nothing was traced or borrowed from other illustrator’s work. Fortunately, it was ONLY this artist. It was definitely a blow below the belt and we felt this one. Having a strong relationship with all our artists, it was a very sour feeling to see that one of them would do this to our campaign for some quick cash. Needless to say, he is no longer a part of our team.

To you all, we sincerely apologize for this and are trying to quickly get the revised deck up, laid out and sent to print for the Art Books and cards.

In the meantime, I’ll update you about the progress and will get some of the PDFs ready and uploaded to a Dropbox for you to Print and Play while we wait. Sadly, King of the Ring will not be available for Print and Play until the situation has concluded.

For those curious about the other artwork from the main deck, here are just a few pieces from the decks you’ll receive. In order, it’s Enter the Phoenix, Ume and the Blade, and Master of the 8 Limbs.

Thank you once again for your patience and once again, we apologize for the delay and for this unfortunate predicament.

Enter the Dragon

Hi Everyone,

Let me start by apologizing for the delay in this update. Needless to say I will be taking over as the lead commentator of the threads again after a mishap with a representative delivering a promised update to you all on Friday/Saturday. Moving forward, let’s first talk about the game itself.

What’s the Status of Martial Art: The Card Game

Currently, we have all the main decks, the sparring pack, and all the Kickstarter Exclusive Cards complete with artwork and content. We also have the Heavyweight T-Shirts ready to go as well as the artwork for the Player Mat designed by Solomon Au Yeung and the 4 Arena Playmats. The Mats are being printed now as well as the 80 Page Paperback Art Book.

We are now getting the cards proofread one more time and the PDFs ready for print (and to give to you as Print and Play while you’re waiting for the physical decks.) We will be releasing these Print and Plays a deck at a time. Once the cards are ready, we will be sending them out to print!

Wait a second… if you’re sending them out overseas now, we won’t get them for a long time, right?

Right, that is if we were sending them out overseas. Originally we had planned to have them manufacture in Taiwan and established an agreement over there. Because of the length of time it would take for a lower run such as ours, we made the decision to have them printed with a US printing company specializing in Card/Tabletop Games. When we run our larger orders in the near future, we will continue our contract with Taiwan to produce those cards.

So then the paper stock will be different?

No, not really. This first run’s paper and card samples were matched almost perfectly in Taiwan. Unlike printing in China, the quality of the paper stock, gloss varnish, etc is comparable to US and German printers. So this is good news since that means not only will you receive your decks soon, but also consistency.

What’s the word about the Backer Related Cards?

Because we are currently working with a couple of backers on their reward decks, depending on when we can send the PDFs to the printer (we will first send the original 4 decks to the printer) we will either make it in time to print the entire run, or we will take in the cost to ship you two packages (the second being just the backer related items.) I will personally keep you posted on this.

So, what are the three backer decks and weapon sets we can expect?

  • Drunken Fist (Zui Quan) Kung Fu
  • Silat Lian Padukan
  • Sumo
  • 3 Section Staff (weapon)
  • Katar (weapon)
  • Rapier (weapon)

From what we’ve seen so far, it will be very exciting to go up against them or mix and match in your decks. We were very taken aback about how much detail and passion went into and are going into these custom cards. Great work guys!

Before You Ship, My Address Has Changed!

Since the time of this campaign, quite a few of you have mentioned a change of address and sent us messages. Since we are preparing our initial print this month’s end, please let us know if you need to update your address. If you’re not sure what we have on file, feel free to contact me and ask me to confirm. I would hate to have these sent out to someone from your previous address who would use them as coasters instead!

Create An Arena Mat

I think most of you who have these in your tier or as a contest prize have done it already. If not, and you have not heard from us, you will this week. I will bug you continuously until we have your idea and artwork completed to send of to print (the mats are printed separately than the cards so it will not affect overall production.)

What Comes Next

Since I am now officially running the updates, we are going to be utilizing our website a lot more these next few weeks. What I want you all to be seeing are card highlights on our website, new gameplay mechanics (from the different styles) covered, as well as good information, videos and the like of the martial arts that are covered in our game. I think what I missed most about the campaign when I was guiding it, was the interaction between you all, myself, and the experience of learning new martial art styles.

Also, let’s keep communication active via the comment threads or the inbox so I can cover any concerns as well as answer any martial arts or gameplay related info :)

Let’s take this project forward and move things up several notches where we need to be and get these cards in your hand so you can really start beating your friends senseless as we intended!


Artistic Justice Games

Out of Meditation, Ready for Action!

Hi Everyone, and thanks for your patience! As we get closer to the deadline all artwork is scheduled to be complete by the end of August and set within the cards. During this month, we are going to focus on backer related cards as well as work with anyone who has custom Arena Mats.

Also, we’ll be releasing all the moves from each set in a list to give you a preview as to what to expect. Then after all the artwork is finished,we’ll have ready the PNP for the game for each deck and expansion!

So the last time you mentioned another artist?

Actually, for variety we enlisted the talents of 5 new artists, rounding the game to a 6 artist team. “But are they any good?” Just check out the artist for our Muay Thai deck, Master of 8 Limbs! Coincidentally, he’s also from Thailand so translating the moves are as authentic as they can be.

What’s the production schedule?

As of right now, our goal is to complete the artwork and cards by the end of August. After, we will get the cards printer ready and sent to our printer’s press (meanwhile also providing the PNP for you to download). It doesn’t take long to print, but since shipment is by sea, it will realistically be mid-October for us to start shipping to you all in order of backing. By this time, we will also host a small meet and greet for anyone in Houston or nearby Houston who would just like to pick it up from us or meet some of our team and play a few rounds with us.

And the artbook, playmats, arena mats, etc?

With the exception of the artbook, everything else will be ready to go in August. The artbook will be set for printing at a local print press (different from where we’re printing the cards) in September and will only take a couple of weeks to have printed and shipped back to us.

Will you continue to do updates?

Absolutely! I will be representing the Martial Arts: The Card Game team and will be giving bi-weekly updates from now until after you receive your games. And of course the comments area is open for any questions about the game itself, gameplay mechanics, ideas for future sets, or martial arts in general. If you have a questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

Card Highlights

The two cards we have to highlight are the High Roundhouse and the Rising Elbow.

The High Roundhouse is considered a power move that when given the oppertunity, can be very explosive. As you can see from this card (and many from Master of 8 Limbs), moves can be powered up from a boost of ADR. Since this is a pretty strong attack there is no chance to link afterwards. Another thing you’ll notice with Muay Thai moves is that their defense value for attack moves are slightly higher than other martial art sets.

The Rising Elbow is a great card in a small combo as well as it has the ability to gain card advantage. In Muay Thai, this move is strong, quick, and very much a surprise when someone is in-close with you. This move represents you surprise attacking an opponent, making them lose a bit of their focus. (Note: Your card hand symbolizes your amount of focus and ability to think of moves to use in the heat of battle). Another thing you’ll notice is …. that Adrenaline is spelled incorrectly. Don’t worry, that is from our proxy set and all cards will have a thorough comb through by our editors/proofreaders.

ATK_HighRoundhouse ATK_RisingElbow


PRIZES: Kickstarter Launch Party, June 3rd, 2013!

PRIZES: Kickstarter Launch Party, June 3rd, 2013!

We’re really excited about tomorrow’s Kickstarter launch party for Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale!

For the prizes, EVERYONE who backs on Monday (anytime during the day) will receive an EXCLUSIVE character card/player card that is not already in the game. Which character? The clue is in the photo.

As for the Unique Prize, we will be giving away ONE SIGNED, LIMITED EDITION GAME to anyone who backs at the “Lion King” level or above! This will be raffled at the end of the day and the winner will be announced on Tuesday morning.

Looking forward to see you all there tomorrow!

Kickstarter Launch Party: Fairytale Games

This just in! Our other team from Artistic Justice Games is about to launch their Kickstarter Campaign for “Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale!”

This is a very unique cardgame concept that plays like a boardgame. It’s a 1-10 player game that focuses on Questing, Survival (negotiating, forming alliances, backstabbing), and Battle.

In a nutshell, the theme surrounds fairytale characters (heroes and villains) having to fight in a Hunger Games (or originally Battle Royale) scenario where there can be only one survivor. The artwork is amazing and if you like fairytales and also the darker side of survivalist gaming, then this is definitely for you!

Their launch party is all day this Monday, June 3rd and begins at 10:30am. Anyone who backs them will receive an EXCLUSIVE KICKSTARTER REWARD. Plus, there is a very unique reward given away to 1 lucky backer randomly drawn at the end of the day.

Here’s the link to their Kickstarter Launch Party!

Also, for more information about the game, their facebook is:

Their website is:

If nothing else, please check out the Launch Party on Monday and click on their Kickstarter link to see what the game is all about!



Gedan Ude Uke (Low Block)

Just like Choku Zuki, this is a basic move of Karate and is the most powerful with focus. With heavy training, if you breath out and focus all your energy just as your arm sweeps down to block your opponent’s low attack, your forearm will strengthen and deflect even the hardest of hits. As you can see with this card, spending ADR gives you a bit of defense advantage, but since this is a low block, it can only block low attacks. (Low attacks will state that they are low attacks). I think with a possible defense of 6, this card will be a “must-use” for any Karate based deck. But what good is a defense card that has a 1 LNK? Any counter-attack will be super weak! Not really…. think about Gedan Ude Uke to block an attack, then Choku Zuki counter-attack after spending 2 ADR to make it a 3 Attack. Nifty counter!