Enter the Phoenix: Gameplay Info

The starter deck Enter the Phoenix is an advanced deck that focuses on Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, and an optional Butterfly Sword set. For this set, the key play mechanics use PUSH, INTERCEPTION, and TRAPPING. Let’s get a better idea of what these mean.


This is a very easy concept and can be a life saver! There will be some cards that allow you to PUSH the opponent away, allowing you to stop a move short. You can use a card with the PUSH ability to neutralize GRABS, some THROWS, and even certain moves if the card specifies.


What this does is break an opponent’s attack with an attack of your own, making your move the primary one. Attack cards with INTERCEPTION can only intercept attacks of the same attack damage (or lower) and make you use up 1 adrenaline point. The only way your opponent can stop and INTERCEPTION is if  they can also intercept. If your INTERCEPTION is successful, you take over the attack phase and can play an attack as if you counter-attacked. One reason for playing INTERCEPTION cards is that it acts as an Attack card by itself and it can also be used as an interrupt card. But, how do we build up that much extra adrenaline points to use these that frequently? See Trapping….


Trapping is the act if immobilizing an attack through a series of rapid defense movements, giving you a large opening to counter-attack. To represent this, any Defense card with the TRAPPING ability can be played to defend an attack like normal. But, following this defense, you can discard as many other Defense Cards from your hand and gain Adrenaline points as if they were attack combos. Think of these as Defense Combos. You can also counter-attack based on the LINKER value of the last defense card you discard. In combination with INTERCEPTION and PUSH moves, you’re overall defense and counter-attacks should be able to adapt against other martial arts styles!


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