Our First Contest!

Ok, so we’ve been wondering what we could do for a contest and got some great feedback from some backers. So…. since we’re in this Kickstarter fight as a team, let’s band together and try to hit our goal even quicker!

Keep spreading the word, telling your friends, the gaming/martial arts community, and reposting our link. If we reach $6,500 in 5 days, we will give all backers from Practitioner Level and above, 2 Unique Event Cards and 2 Unique Strategy Cards that will beEXCLUSIVE for only this contest. This is a Win/Win for the campaign and you as well!

And as an ongoing bonus contest, starting now, anyone who refers 2 people who back at “Practitioner” Level or above, will receive 2 Decks of your Choice. So even if you’re a current backer this bonus contest still applies to you! (International shipping rules still apply).

Let’s start these contests, fists flying and reward everyone and yourself for your hard work!



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