If you have friends or people you know who are on the fence, this is the time to make them heroes and heroines and let them help us get across that finish line.

For a last bonus, the first thing we want to do, is give you 4 cards, based on each deck’s character which was inspired by one of our backers. If we are able to reach our funding goal, our last Kickstarter Exclusive is….. the “Montage” card. Each of the 4 cards will have completely different usages that really fit the storyline of each deck. This will be awarded to ALL reward tier levels just for reaching our goal.

This last thing we’re offering, was an executive decision by our team. We are going to take the hit for this in the longrun, but to us, the big picture of producing this game means more to us than anything. So as a very difficult bonus to offer…. If we reach our goal, All international shipping is free on ALL levels. This is how much we want this game to reach your hands.

So please continue to help us promote and gain backers through your dedication to the game. We have only one day left so EVERY bit counts!


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