PRIZES: Kickstarter Launch Party, June 3rd, 2013!

PRIZES: Kickstarter Launch Party, June 3rd, 2013!

We’re really excited about tomorrow’s Kickstarter launch party for Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale!

For the prizes, EVERYONE who backs on Monday (anytime during the day) will receive an EXCLUSIVE character card/player card that is not already in the game. Which character? The clue is in the photo.

As for the Unique Prize, we will be giving away ONE SIGNED, LIMITED EDITION GAME to anyone who backs at the “Lion King” level or above! This will be raffled at the end of the day and the winner will be announced on Tuesday morning.

Looking forward to see you all there tomorrow!


Kickstarter Launch Party: Fairytale Games

This just in! Our other team from Artistic Justice Games is about to launch their Kickstarter Campaign for “Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale!”

This is a very unique cardgame concept that plays like a boardgame. It’s a 1-10 player game that focuses on Questing, Survival (negotiating, forming alliances, backstabbing), and Battle.

In a nutshell, the theme surrounds fairytale characters (heroes and villains) having to fight in a Hunger Games (or originally Battle Royale) scenario where there can be only one survivor. The artwork is amazing and if you like fairytales and also the darker side of survivalist gaming, then this is definitely for you!

Their launch party is all day this Monday, June 3rd and begins at 10:30am. Anyone who backs them will receive an EXCLUSIVE KICKSTARTER REWARD. Plus, there is a very unique reward given away to 1 lucky backer randomly drawn at the end of the day.

Here’s the link to their Kickstarter Launch Party!

Also, for more information about the game, their facebook is:

Their website is:

If nothing else, please check out the Launch Party on Monday and click on their Kickstarter link to see what the game is all about!



Gedan Ude Uke (Low Block)

Just like Choku Zuki, this is a basic move of Karate and is the most powerful with focus. With heavy training, if you breath out and focus all your energy just as your arm sweeps down to block your opponent’s low attack, your forearm will strengthen and deflect even the hardest of hits. As you can see with this card, spending ADR gives you a bit of defense advantage, but since this is a low block, it can only block low attacks. (Low attacks will state that they are low attacks). I think with a possible defense of 6, this card will be a “must-use” for any Karate based deck. But what good is a defense card that has a 1 LNK? Any counter-attack will be super weak! Not really…. think about Gedan Ude Uke to block an attack, then Choku Zuki counter-attack after spending 2 ADR to make it a 3 Attack. Nifty counter!



Choku Zuki (Forward Punch)

Now we’re finally into the Karate portion of Ume  and the Blade. This is one of the most basic moves in Karate that you’ve probably seen, well everywhere you see Karate. But did you know that this move, if trained properly, is one of the strongest punches in martial arts? When executing this move, you focus all of your energy and “chi” (internal energy) into your fist, turning it just in the right time so it engages your opponent’s solar plexus (the soft fleshy tissue just under your rib cage) and distributes the energy within your ribs. The difference from a regular straight punch to the ribs is that the energy normally just goes from front to back, only making you hurt on the outside. This punch hurts from inside. Ouch.

So to emphasize this philosophy, this move is rather weak by itself. But if you’re willing to spend 2 ADR (simulating focus and concentration), you will not only make this attack a 3 ATK, but also increase your LNK by +1, making this a very versatile “surprise” card.



Finally, and update and what you all have been waiting for… here are 3 anticipated card updates for you! First, let’s look at:

Yoko-Giri (Horizontal Slice)

Continuing our Katana series from Ume and the Blade, Yoko-Giri is kind of your “transition” move with a lot of bonuses. This is probably your best Katana card out there so far. Although for a weapon card, it only has a +2 ATK, if your previous one was a Katana attack, it becomes a 3 ATK and gives your next move (if a Katana attack) a +1 ATK bonus. If you notice, the gameplay theme of the Katana is building +1 ATKs by stacking Katana attacks after another. This simulates the momentum from using a Katana in a seamless combo!