Choku Zuki (Forward Punch)

Now we’re finally into the Karate portion of Ume  and the Blade. This is one of the most basic moves in Karate that you’ve probably seen, well everywhere you see Karate. But did you know that this move, if trained properly, is one of the strongest punches in martial arts? When executing this move, you focus all of your energy and “chi” (internal energy) into your fist, turning it just in the right time so it engages your opponent’s solar plexus (the soft fleshy tissue just under your rib cage) and distributes the energy within your ribs. The difference from a regular straight punch to the ribs is that the energy normally just goes from front to back, only making you hurt on the outside. This punch hurts from inside. Ouch.

So to emphasize this philosophy, this move is rather weak by itself. But if you’re willing to spend 2 ADR (simulating focus and concentration), you will not only make this attack a 3 ATK, but also increase your LNK by +1, making this a very versatile “surprise” card.



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