Gedan Ude Uke (Low Block)

Just like Choku Zuki, this is a basic move of Karate and is the most powerful with focus. With heavy training, if you breath out and focus all your energy just as your arm sweeps down to block your opponent’s low attack, your forearm will strengthen and deflect even the hardest of hits. As you can see with this card, spending ADR gives you a bit of defense advantage, but since this is a low block, it can only block low attacks. (Low attacks will state that they are low attacks). I think with a possible defense of 6, this card will be a “must-use” for any Karate based deck. But what good is a defense card that has a 1 LNK? Any counter-attack will be super weak! Not really…. think about Gedan Ude Uke to block an attack, then Choku Zuki counter-attack after spending 2 ADR to make it a 3 Attack. Nifty counter!



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