Finally, and update and what you all have been waiting for… here are 3 anticipated card updates for you! First, let’s look at:

Yoko-Giri (Horizontal Slice)

Continuing our Katana series from Ume and the Blade, Yoko-Giri is kind of your “transition” move with a lot of bonuses. This is probably your best Katana card out there so far. Although for a weapon card, it only has a +2 ATK, if your previous one was a Katana attack, it becomes a 3 ATK and gives your next move (if a Katana attack) a +1 ATK bonus. If you notice, the gameplay theme of the Katana is building +1 ATKs by stacking Katana attacks after another. This simulates the momentum from using a Katana in a seamless combo!



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