Out of Meditation, Ready for Action!

Hi Everyone, and thanks for your patience! As we get closer to the deadline all artwork is scheduled to be complete by the end of August and set within the cards. During this month, we are going to focus on backer related cards as well as work with anyone who has custom Arena Mats.

Also, we’ll be releasing all the moves from each set in a list to give you a preview as to what to expect. Then after all the artwork is finished,we’ll have ready the PNP for the game for each deck and expansion!

So the last time you mentioned another artist?

Actually, for variety we enlisted the talents of 5 new artists, rounding the game to a 6 artist team. “But are they any good?” Just check out the artist for our Muay Thai deck, Master of 8 Limbs! Coincidentally, he’s also from Thailand so translating the moves are as authentic as they can be.

What’s the production schedule?

As of right now, our goal is to complete the artwork and cards by the end of August. After, we will get the cards printer ready and sent to our printer’s press (meanwhile also providing the PNP for you to download). It doesn’t take long to print, but since shipment is by sea, it will realistically be mid-October for us to start shipping to you all in order of backing. By this time, we will also host a small meet and greet for anyone in Houston or nearby Houston who would just like to pick it up from us or meet some of our team and play a few rounds with us.

And the artbook, playmats, arena mats, etc?

With the exception of the artbook, everything else will be ready to go in August. The artbook will be set for printing at a local print press (different from where we’re printing the cards) in September and will only take a couple of weeks to have printed and shipped back to us.

Will you continue to do updates?

Absolutely! I will be representing the Martial Arts: The Card Game team and will be giving bi-weekly updates from now until after you receive your games. And of course the comments area is open for any questions about the game itself, gameplay mechanics, ideas for future sets, or martial arts in general. If you have a questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

Card Highlights

The two cards we have to highlight are the High Roundhouse and the Rising Elbow.

The High Roundhouse is considered a power move that when given the oppertunity, can be very explosive. As you can see from this card (and many from Master of 8 Limbs), moves can be powered up from a boost of ADR. Since this is a pretty strong attack there is no chance to link afterwards. Another thing you’ll notice with Muay Thai moves is that their defense value for attack moves are slightly higher than other martial art sets.

The Rising Elbow is a great card in a small combo as well as it has the ability to gain card advantage. In Muay Thai, this move is strong, quick, and very much a surprise when someone is in-close with you. This move represents you surprise attacking an opponent, making them lose a bit of their focus. (Note: Your card hand symbolizes your amount of focus and ability to think of moves to use in the heat of battle). Another thing you’ll notice is …. that Adrenaline is spelled incorrectly. Don’t worry, that is from our proxy set and all cards will have a thorough comb through by our editors/proofreaders.

ATK_HighRoundhouse ATK_RisingElbow