Enter the Dragon

Hi Everyone,

Let me start by apologizing for the delay in this update. Needless to say I will be taking over as the lead commentator of the threads again after a mishap with a representative delivering a promised update to you all on Friday/Saturday. Moving forward, let’s first talk about the game itself.

What’s the Status of Martial Art: The Card Game

Currently, we have all the main decks, the sparring pack, and all the Kickstarter Exclusive Cards complete with artwork and content. We also have the Heavyweight T-Shirts ready to go as well as the artwork for the Player Mat designed by Solomon Au Yeung and the 4 Arena Playmats. The Mats are being printed now as well as the 80 Page Paperback Art Book.

We are now getting the cards proofread one more time and the PDFs ready for print (and to give to you as Print and Play while you’re waiting for the physical decks.) We will be releasing these Print and Plays a deck at a time. Once the cards are ready, we will be sending them out to print!

Wait a second… if you’re sending them out overseas now, we won’t get them for a long time, right?

Right, that is if we were sending them out overseas. Originally we had planned to have them manufacture in Taiwan and established an agreement over there. Because of the length of time it would take for a lower run such as ours, we made the decision to have them printed with a US printing company specializing in Card/Tabletop Games. When we run our larger orders in the near future, we will continue our contract with Taiwan to produce those cards.

So then the paper stock will be different?

No, not really. This first run’s paper and card samples were matched almost perfectly in Taiwan. Unlike printing in China, the quality of the paper stock, gloss varnish, etc is comparable to US and German printers. So this is good news since that means not only will you receive your decks soon, but also consistency.

What’s the word about the Backer Related Cards?

Because we are currently working with a couple of backers on their reward decks, depending on when we can send the PDFs to the printer (we will first send the original 4 decks to the printer) we will either make it in time to print the entire run, or we will take in the cost to ship you two packages (the second being just the backer related items.) I will personally keep you posted on this.

So, what are the three backer decks and weapon sets we can expect?

  • Drunken Fist (Zui Quan) Kung Fu
  • Silat Lian Padukan
  • Sumo
  • 3 Section Staff (weapon)
  • Katar (weapon)
  • Rapier (weapon)

From what we’ve seen so far, it will be very exciting to go up against them or mix and match in your decks. We were very taken aback about how much detail and passion went into and are going into these custom cards. Great work guys!

Before You Ship, My Address Has Changed!

Since the time of this campaign, quite a few of you have mentioned a change of address and sent us messages. Since we are preparing our initial print this month’s end, please let us know if you need to update your address. If you’re not sure what we have on file, feel free to contact me and ask me to confirm. I would hate to have these sent out to someone from your previous address who would use them as coasters instead!

Create An Arena Mat

I think most of you who have these in your tier or as a contest prize have done it already. If not, and you have not heard from us, you will this week. I will bug you continuously until we have your idea and artwork completed to send of to print (the mats are printed separately than the cards so it will not affect overall production.)

What Comes Next

Since I am now officially running the updates, we are going to be utilizing our website a lot more these next few weeks. What I want you all to be seeing are card highlights on our website, new gameplay mechanics (from the different styles) covered, as well as good information, videos and the like of the martial arts that are covered in our game. I think what I missed most about the campaign when I was guiding it, was the interaction between you all, myself, and the experience of learning new martial art styles.

Also, let’s keep communication active via the comment threads or the inbox so I can cover any concerns as well as answer any martial arts or gameplay related info đŸ™‚

Let’s take this project forward and move things up several notches where we need to be and get these cards in your hand so you can really start beating your friends senseless as we intended!


Artistic Justice Games