Progress Report!

Hi Everyone,

Just to keep you in the loop, back in November, when we had our new artist Ameen re-illustrate the King of the Ring deck, the Hurricanes in the Philippines hit and because he is Filipino, he was without power for a couple of weeks. (He and his family were fortunately not hurt from the disaster.) Seeing how we wanted to make sure to make up for lost time, we hired on another artist, Coro, hailing from Indonesia who has a very similar style as Ameen and broke up the King of the Ring set into two artists. Both are currently finishing up the colors and special effects on the cards, though at a very moderate pace.

For those curious at some of the Preliminary Sketch work Ameen did in early November, here are just a few samples of these cards:

Keep in mind those were just the initial sketches for concept and layout. For Coro, we had him go straight into the main artwork without sketches to save time. They should be finished with their artwork in about a week.


This is one area that we have been slow on as well. We have completed the Drunken Fist (Zui Quan) Deck as well as the Fencing Cards (10 Weapon Set). We still have not completed coordinating with the Backers of the Silat/Katar and Sumo/3-Section Staff of their decks. Because of this, we will be shipping you two shipments of games to save time (to those who will be receiving the backer created decks). The first shipment will have everything else (playmats, promo/exclusive cards, art books) and the second (for those that apply) will be the two Backer Decks with their respective card tuck boxes.

While we’re waiting on the artwork and production to be complete, we’ll do a better update for you all on the 2 Backer Decks, after their approvals by the Backers of course.

To give you a sample of the Fencing and Drunken Fist Deck artwork, check them out!


We understand that a lot of you have been worried about this project and have been very supportive and are continuing to be excited about Martial Arts: The Card Game. But because of all the mishaps and speed bumps we roughed through, we want to give our sincere thanks to you all and have arranged something special with our print vendors for you.

We wanted to wait until we updated you all with the finalized King of the Ring cards before announcing this, but since our dry spell of updates, we figured this would be an even better time to tell you ….

For our backers who are receiving at least one deck, we have upgraded our packaging and are giving you the best box we could have for your game. Here’s the concept layout from our manufacturer.

Each deck will have it’s own Tuck Box as well as they will fit, drawer style in their own box to make carrying the game and all 7 decks stylish and efficient. Of course, you can pull out the drawer inserts and put multiple copies of your cards as well as future decks as well.

Though it doesn’t fix the delay, it is something we wanted to do to thank you for your patience and understanding, while making the game as a whole look even better.


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