At the Printers!

Hi Everyone,

Good news! Just a quick and partial update… We sent the cards off to the printer the first of this month. Being Chinese New Year, we had to wait until the 6th for them to return to their office. But after a confirmation phone call, we’re good to go!

Currently, we’re waiting for a hard schedule from them as to when we will receive our first physical game proof in the mail. As well, we’re looking to get a full shipment schedule estimate from them so we can know when we’ll be receiving in. Once we know, I’ll post the “official” update so we’ll all be on the same page.

The Art Books have also gone out to print as well as some of the game mats. We’ll start getting the PDFs ready for Print and Play and either utilizing Dropbox or another means for you to access these files.

Looking forward to the next update!