Great Changes Now and Proofs coming next week!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a very long journey from what seemed like it would be a very quick and smooth production run. With the many hiccups and shocking discoveries, this campaign has been nothing less that exciting.

At this moment, we’ve hit a very important and positive milestone! Previously, though Martial Arts: The Card Game has been an Artistic Justice Games production, the design and direction of the project were split among a few members of our martial arts team and myself via contractual basis. Through a lot of the obstacles we’ve had, there seemed to always be some sort of weird internal struggle with the direction of the game and how to approach things responsibly. When there are too many cooks in the kitchen trying to be head chef, the food just doesn’t get cooked correctly. Given this, one of the biggest hits was the struggle of communication. To make a long story short, the team was not fond of when I decided to open communication and let everyone know what was going on with the various delays. My goal was to help create a self-motivation for the teams as a whole to be proactive at certain responsibilities and to make sure you all knew what was going on, on our side.

Finally, at a pivotal point, I made the decision to personally purchase the contract from the team, making Artistic Justice Games the sole owner of Martial Arts: The Card Game. In this case, it became a win-win for everyone since they aren’t locked into this project looking for a quick way to sell product. To me, it was never about that. Instead, my goal has always been to produce a great martial arts game that can grow, long-term. Now with a sole direction, we can finally achieve this together.

So what does this mean for the game? A lot. Now, without having my hands tied, I can communicate freely with you all and give you the regular updates you deserve. Finally. Starting with this…..


Last week, I checked in with our manufacture and found out that they were going to the GAMA convention in Las Vegas. That was perfect. After a few calls, they agreed to bring our proof to Vegas and ship it out to me via USPS Priority so I would receive it by early next week rather than waiting for them to go back to Asia and send it by super slow mail to the US. So folks, we will get to crack open our first glance at our proofs VERY soon. And with a camera at hand, you will be very much a part of it!


Now that I can get the Artistic Justice team on the job, you should have the something to download by late next week via Dropbox.


Though the immediate goal is to knock out this first deliverable, we will definitely create a Series 2 by next year to add many new martial arts styles we developed since our campaign. But before then, you will receive the 3 backer created decks (which will be in a second shipment to you around the time Series 2 begins development). These backer decks will not be sold in retail until the complete fulfillment of the decks from series 2. So you all will have these 3 decks way before anyone else knows they exist.

Besides game design, my goal is to continue to push Martial Arts: The Card Game forward by bringing it to GenCon this year along with the other products in the Artistic Justice Games brand. We are working with a few other great companies to give us access to a possible Tournament Kit so that we can offer Tournaments at your local gaming stores in the future. So be prepared for an even more wild ride, but this time in the right direction.

Also, on a personal note, I sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding through all these trials and tribulations. As a company, Artistic Justice Games has learned so much this past year and are very excited and confident of what’s to come. And we are honored in every way that you’re all here with us as well.