And Finally…..!

Hello Everyone,

I can finally bring you great news as we are finally in manufacture production. After what seemed like an uphill battle of obstacles, we are now set for printing and per the manufacturers schedule, they will take about 2 weeks to print and cut the sheets and finally one more week for the construction of the new box and packaging. Therein after they will ship to out Houston warehouse. Once here, we will hand ship everything immediately.

These next two weeks we’ll have all the address packaging skips ready. So if any of you have address changes, please send me a message and I will fix it in the database before printing the labels. I am so happy that we can finally move forward after a long period of stalls.

What happened since the last update?

After receiving the proofs, we since made additional edits to each card. Every move now had a “Level” number from 1-5 on it. For the gameplay, it does nothing different. But there is a reason for this, a very big one. Besides having a great loss in my personal life, there is a more practical reason for the delay. Since the last update we mentioned moving forward in a positive, growing direction for Martial Arts: The Card Game. Last month, after an unbelievable set of meetings in Los Angeles, we have been offered an opportunity to move forward with a game in the works called Dragon Tides. What is so special about this game and who did we meet?

To my great excitement, I would like to announce the second level of Martial Arts: The Card Game, Dragon Tides.

Dragon Tides is a modern day dungeon crawler that uses cards, miniatures, tiles and dice to emphasize the thematic gameplay. It’s a point base action/movement system but with many unique environment interaction we haven’t yet seem in a dungeon crawler. The game is very story driven and offers many characters and authentic martial arts and an “arcade-like” feel.

But What Does This Mean To You?

For combat, we are proud to announce that your cards from Martial Arts: The Card Game will be compatible with the game at onset. Thus, the addition of the “Levels” per card. Likewise, you will be able to remove the combat cards from Dragon Tides and have compatible card battles with this Martial Arts: The Card Game.

Since this is very big news and is an Official Licensed Product, for this game that we have created for them, we are using much different and proven manufacturing/distribution channels (through a combination of Greenbrier Games and Level99 Games) to ensure this will be a milestone in gaming, allowing this game to be a bridge between iconic licensed characters and a solid storyline/game with intuitive play.

Because I strongly feel that you all are the foundation of what Dragon Tides is and will be about, that is why it was no question to convert all the cards for Martial Arts: The Card Game to have this compatibility. We fought together as allies in an uphill battle during the campaign. During the time after, through many unforeseen things, the ball had dropped so far down that the end goal has been barely visible. I intend to pick this up, where things need to be and continue to grow this vision beyond our initial expectations.

Moving Forward Starting Today

Communication will not lag. No more and in no way. No matter if it’s production updates, gameplay highlights, or bouncing ideas off of you all for Dragon Tides, I want to be involved 100%+ and start things off anew, while we all wait for our game to come back from the printers. As well, by the end of this week, expect a dropbox link to get to the PNPs of all the cards so that you can start brushing up your martial arts skills for when the real battle comes in.

I will be here. Though there will be a long time of regaining lost faith, I will absolutely be here for all of you. Please feel free to contact me anytime and I will answer right away hereon out.

As well, we are launching the official Artistic Justice Games website next week that will have updates for every project we do, consolidated and in a friendly environment for you all anytime you need. More updates on that before launch.

WIth my heartfelt and humble gratitude, I thank you all for your patience, understanding and sincerely appreciate the second chance you’ve given me after so many bumps in the road.