Martial Arts: The Card Game Update

Hi Everyone,

If you’ve been wondering the status of the actual product, so have we. Finally, after several interactions with the manufacture representative, we moved above him and found that our products have been just sitting at customs in Asia for a month and a half… unclaimed. Ok, if you ask me, this is incredibly ridiculous and the constant string-along we’ve been having with our manufacture has gotten way past the point of our patience. This said, we haven’t been able to do much in aggressive action as they have our deposit and the game is already produced. We’ve already had legal send our documentation to customs to move that process along (they cleared it on Friday, their time). I don’t know what the timeline is of shipping and will not get a confirmation until Tuesday, our time, when I hear from the customs department. So…. I’ve made an executive decision to produce another run but with a completely different manufacture. We are sending our files to WinGo this week to have them produce the game and send it to us as FAST as they can.

Are we nuts? Yes…. but instead of waiting and praying that things go smoothly with the terrible experience we had with our first manufacture, we are going to do this in parallel and send you whichever product that comes first. Anything extra, well… means we’ll have more product for retail. To be honest, I’d rather we do it this way, especially since we’ve actually had WinGo produce a few of our products for the Fairytale Games line and I am confident in their abilities. Plus, their representatives are readily available so we never have to hunt them down. Going with WinGo, specifically with our game, we can expect 10 days for production upon receiving the files and about a month shipping by sea. Since WinGo handles the customs side of things, at the very least, we don’t have to worry about this.

In the meantime, my goal is for us to upload the PNPs to the first 4 decks before we head to GenCon. We’re currently in frantic deadline mode on a lot of things, so please bear with me on this. You’ve all been super patient with us and we sincerely appreciate that more than you’d even know.

Please let us know your thoughts! We are very excited to bring this game to you and will do so no matter what other odds are in front of us.