Time to get back up. Round 3: Fight!

Hi Everyone,

Good news on production side of things, we’re starting to get clearer dates. Since the last update we explained that we had forgone the waiting since the customs issue with our last manufacture and invested in producing the game with a second manufacture. Rest assured, the game is in production and the only struggles we’ve really had (and this is past tense) were the main box/tuck box layouts, since their setup is much different than others we’ve worked with. The majority of production should be handled this month for its completion and we should have things ready for shipping in about a month.

Seeing how this has been taking forever, we are requesting that the manufacture AIR SHIP the first completed 150 copies over to us so that we can begin fulfilling the game ASAP instead of waiting for the full 30 days of Sea Freight shipping. To give you a perspective of this, because this wasn’t our original manufacture, instead of a minimum order of 500 units, we have to produce 1,500 copies. The remaining copies will be coming to us by sea as normal to keep costs down. So you will definitely receive them before December, this year (I’m over projecting here…).

For waiting so long, is there something you can give us?

Yes! Although we have already spent all of our own personal funds to manufacture with the second company as well as upgrade the box, I personally feel that through a lot of mismanagement and initial lack of experience, I had failed this campaign. But I have also learned a lot from all of you and would like to express my appreciation moving forward. I can’t tell you what it is yet, but I have something exciting planned as a sincere thank you for your patience throughout this experience. This news will come sooner than you think 😉

Ok, but are there still refund options?

Because of the nature of this campaign, we are open to accept refunds, though you would have to e-mail me at: alex@artisticjusticegames.com and be sure to add the subject line: Martial Arts Refund with your request.

Moving Forward?

Production wise, I will keep updating you as we receive information. In my next conversation with them, I’ll see if we can get them to send some print/manufacture photos to bring life back to this project.

In the meantime, I’ll be finally posting PNP copies of each deck starting this coming week. Per each deck posted, I’ll give a quick overview on the gameplay mechanics, uniqueness of the deck, and the ideas behind it. Starting with King of the Ring, our boxing deck. Following, we’ll also start re-updating our websites so that the information will be equivalent to our updates for those who would like to receive info outside of Kickstarter.

And… I think it’s due time for a revamped gameplay video. So expect that to be on our to-do list as well (we actually had it filmed before GenCon but hadn’t had a chance to edit it yet. So it should be soon!)

Catch back with you all early this coming week!