This week of updates

Hi everyone, just a quick note about these next couple of weeks. We’ll be posting updates of the different constructed decks and every unique card in their respective deck. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and will bring back new life to this project. We’ll kick off the  middle of the week with Boxing and by the end of the week, some Muay Thai.  Along with these update will be their PNPs for you to download.

As for production, we’re still waiting. I’ve told the manufacture to send us some pictures when they’re at that point to pump us up for the shipment date. Though I don’t have a solid date just yet, I do have some good news.  I’m going to arrange for 150 units of the game to be air shipped so that there’s no need for you all to painfully wait for “by sea” shipping, though the rest of our inventory will be coming that way.

And… Well the next bit of good news will come  via our next update. Stay tuned!



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