Master of 8 Limbs

Hi everyone! Tonight we’re highlighting a great martial art style, Muay Thai. Like the actual style, this deck’s goal is to whittle down your opponent’s stamina (discarding your opponent’s cards in their deck), causing them to lose focus (hand discarding), and offers a higher defense on cards attack cards.

The strategy of using this deck lies in patience and playing a bit on the defensive in order to come back and unleash a flurry of kicks. Holding key cards and waiting for the opportune moment in a counter attack are important. This deck may seem choppy for some because there are no really good combos that flow. Rather, attacks are more hit hard, reset and hit again.

Let’s take a look at the cards in the Master of 8 Limbs deck 🙂

Forward Jab: One of the more basic moves in Muay Thai. Unlike a boxing jab, this one is a forward strike rather than a pulling away stun. The goal is to weaken your opponent’s defenses so that the following moves seem stronger. Notice how this move doesn’t care if someone defends or not. Just as long as it isn’t countered, you get the bonus.

Rising Elbow: One of the several elbow strikes in Muay Thai. This one in particular can cause damage OR can cause opponents to see some stars by knocking out a card from their hand, making them lose their focus.

Thrust Kick: This is considered a “checking” move where you basically push your opponent away from you while they’re coming at you. This is a great move to prevent heavy hitters from wailing on you, but it takes some focus and a bit of stamina to pull off.

Thigh Kick: This is a staple to Muay Thai and often a move used in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) during their standing fight. This is a great “whittle your opponent down” move that penalizes them for blocking. I don’t know if you’ve ever been hit by a lead pipe before… but that is what it feels like to be kicked by a Muay Thai practitioner. Think about having that happen to the same spot on your leg while you block each time.

Press Kick: A press kick is basically a well timed leg strike used to knock the wind out of someone in the gut/mid-range area. Definitely a well rounded strike that can lower someone’s stamina.

High Roundhouse: That’s right! This is your swift kick to the head! Even if blocked, the impact alone will knock some sense out of you. A pretty powerful move that is great for counters and small combos.

Spinning Elbow: Another great elbow attack that is just well rounded and can do some concussive damage.

Reverse Elbow: This is a great “surprise” move. Though it’s relatively weak, it can earn you some quick Adrenaline in an elbow combo. In essence, this is like a lighting fast jab.

Elbow Chop: This one really gets your opponent dizzy. If you can land this one, they’ll be clueless for the one full round.

Knee Clinch: In Muay Thai, this is when they come in close, reign in your head and start kneeing you in the face and chest until you wear down or start crying. To represent the knee barrage, store up a lot of extra kicks or knees in your hand and fire away!

Knee Bomb: This is a charging knee. The more momentum and force you put into it, the greater the reward. This is the most powerful single strike in Master of 8 Limbs, giving your opponent a possible 6 ATK damage!

Leg Raise: Defense! This is the most common Muay Thai move that, because of their training in turning their shins into the equivalent of steel, an unprepared kick will be retracting with severe pain or a cracked bone.

Chop Block: This one is basically a forceful “NO!” You basically attack an opponent’s move with a chopping motion and get in close. If you counter attack with an even closer elbow, your positioning gives you the edge.

Leg Grab: This move takes some focus, no doubt. But to grab a kick and return the favor with an attack of your choice, of course it’s going to hurt a bit more!

Step-Up Knee: This is a very strange move that looks awesome if timed right. When an opponent comes in to attack, you step up on their forward leg and do a rising knee to their chin, nose, or face. Give it some extra burst and this block turns out to be a guiltless attack at the same time!

Changing Winds: The only Event card in this deck. Imagine you are in the devastated village against your opponent and gusts of wind swirl dust and sand around you and your enemy. Visibility are hard to see unless both fighters are willing to reveal their attack and agree to move to a different are to continue.

Absolute Focus: In Muay Thai, focus is a very integral part of their training. You can regulate your pain and focus it into “bursting” your attacks. Spending only 2 ADR you can make all of your moves a little more combo friendly. And if you had more in your deck and enough ADR, stacking them can offer some crazy fun! (Receiving end, not so much.)

Kicking Combo: If you have 3 ADR, this one puts you on an all out offensive for as long as you can flip over kicks on the top of your deck. Kick after kick becomes an unblockable swarm of pain. Play this correctly and the fight is as good as yours. (Maybe in other decks there are ways to manipulate or regulate your stamina to your favor?)

Wai Khru Ram Muay: This is the ceremonial dance-like prayer that Muay Thai practictioners do before and after their battle. They believe this is a way to show respect and appreciation to their gods and ancestors, as well as past Muay Thai fighters who have fought before them. It is said that fortune smiles upon those of sincerity and heart. Of course, it also freaks out your opponent and pumps up their adrenaline a bit.

Playing against the Deck:

Going up against Master of 8 Limbs requires a lot of speed and maneuverability. Do not try to all out combo swarm them or else they would just put up a solid defense, then counter attack with power hits. Instead, stick and move with single attacks or 2 hit combos. If you have a limber character that can control their hand, all the better to filter out their defenses.

To try out this deck or our boxing deck, King of the Ring, click on this dropbox link:

Enjoy and see you in about a week or less with an introduction to Enter the Phoenix, a deck focusing on Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do!


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