Announcing some names and just a few photos!

Hi Everyone,

This is just a very quick follow-up update to announce the winners of the holiday raffle. Winners will receive a signed manufacture miniature from our last batch of minis campaign proofs (since we had quite a few extras sent to us.) As mentioned, 20 (we added one more to round it out) names were chosen from all our current list of campaign backers. Here are the winners:

  • Frost
  •  Nova Forge Enterprise
  •  Michael Dalili
  •  Zarthemad
  • Bryan Behl
  • Jay
  •  Tom Davey
  •  Lily
  •  Tim Felts
  •  Liz Engebrecht
  •  Haily
  •  Courtney Powell
  •  Disrobed monk
  •  Moneypenny
  •  Ned
  •  Eric
  •  John Dossa
  •  SVR The Boy
  •  Christopher Brown
  •  Simona Dostalova

All of these raffle winners will be contacted tomorrow via the KS messages just to confirm that you won. We’ll be sending out your winnings to you by next week. And among the 20, one of you will receive the Dr.Frankenstein+Frankenstein’s Monster combo. Congratulations to all of you!

And to keep things interesting…..!

As mentioned in our last update, we were expecting something in the mail…. and we finally got some proofs! With just minor corrections, we’re ready to move forward. Finally. Here’s a quick peek! (Note: Since they were cut from sheets as proofs, these do not have the rounded corners that the final version will have. Thus, I decided to sleeve them to keep them in good condition for when we raffle these out to one of you later!)

The cards!
The cards!
Fencing Weapons set by backer, Andrew Kirk
Fencing Weapons set by backer, Andrew Kirk
Sparring Pack Cards
Sparring Pack Cards
Master of 8 Limbs
Master of 8 Limbs
Ume and the Blade Cards
Ume and the Blade Cards
Enter the Phoenix Cards
Enter the Phoenix Cards
King of the Ring Cards
King of the Ring Cards

Coming up this next week, we’ll revise our initial demo and do an official gameplay tutorial using these proofs and post them up. Looking very much forward to bringing you the next update!


Happy New Year Warriors!

Hi Everyone,

With the new year just walking in our doorway, we take a look back at the ups and down that we’ve faced over the past year and are very appreciative at the lessons learned and the friends we have made along the way. We hope that in 2015, the strength and knowledge we’ve gained from our journey together will shine through, now and beyond.

With this, although we are still waiting for our shipping notification to come in from our manufacture, we did get a tracking number for our revised proof to come in next week. Once we get them in our hands, expect a video tutorial of gameplay using the very proofs we receive. And as previously mentioned, we will sign and raffle the proofs out once we begin fulfillment as a show of gratitude to you all.

Speaking of which….


Per our last Fairytale Games Minis Campaign update yesterday, we just received a larger manufacture proof run from the factory. Meaning, we have quite a few extras to once again, do a cool Artistic Justice Games backer raffle. So if you backed ANY of our campaigns, you are automatically entered. We have about 20 minis from our Minis Campaign to raffle that are manufacture proof copies that will be signed by me to prove authenticity, making a total of 19 winners. Why 1 winner short? Because one winner will get a combo of Dr. Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s monster! (Why break them up, right?)

To see what minis we’ll be giving away, check out this Minis Campaign update:

(Had too much New Years Punch and I forgot to include pictures of Golem and Steampunk Tik Tok, which will also be given away in the raffle as part of the 20.) You can see what they look like in our Minis Campaign update from today here:

We will announce winners by next Wednesday so stay tuned!


While we wait, we still have a mess of cards to show off to you from the sets you’ll be receiving, highlighting Weapons, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, Sambo, and Judo! When we get back next week, we’ll start re-focusing these threads to discuss more of the gameplay and the ideas behind the cards themselves.

Have a great 2015 everyone!