Quick Update and box photos!

Hi Everyone,

Just a few photos to start off the week. From what we understand, the games are on the boat and are heading our way! (Fingers crossed the whole shipping port incident will be cleared up by the time our products arrive.)

What you see here is the box design/layout. If you noticed there were a few things we had to adjust before they began manufacturing. (“Sparring Pack” was accidentally named “Master of 8 Limbs”)

Below, you’ll notice that the layout for the box allows for the individual tuck boxes to be placed in slots of the box for those who do not sleeve their cards, or you can remove the tray to allow for sleeved cards. Notice that for some reason, they put wooden dice in the box? That is a mistake which was corrected. Instead, there are two additional tuckbox slots in the box for future sets and expansions.

The item at the bottom of the box is the instruction manual. We weren’t given a lot of space in it to work with an we really didn’t want to make the font super tiny so we needed to compromise on full images. I think we learned quite a bit through this production that series 2 will be a completely new experience 🙂

While we’re waiting we have a few deadlines due by Friday for production for our other projects for our manufacture: Dragon Tides and Fairytale Games. Once we clear them on Friday, we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled update here to show off some updated gameplay videos for Martial Arts: The Card Game! See you in a week (or sooner!)