Updated Gameplay Video!

Hi everyone! Just giving you all a heads up that we are confirmed with our shipping company that the games will reach the Port of Houston on May 12th and will have everything delivered to our warehouse by May 13th. That date is concrete, per their final ship arrival/docking schedule so we’re finally only just a few weeks away. And a bit earlier, we’ll have all the playmats and art books ready as well. Once we have everything, we’ll be starting fulfillment right away!

Today, we have a much awaited gameplay video for Martial Arts: The Card Game. The quality isn’t that professional, but it’s at least something visual to check out. It’s in two parts; the first being more of a teaching game and the second a talking/playing game.

But before you watch, it may be a good idea to review the rules for the game, especially since not all the situations in the rules appeared in the video. I don’t know if there was ever a rulesheet floating around, but here is the final PDF (please excuse the crop marks.)


And here’s the video!



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