Yes, They’re Here!

Hi Everyone, ready for some good news?

Yep, they are now in our warehouse! Starting next week, we’ll start fulfilling the long awaited game! We’ll update you once we’re complete. In the meantime, please double check that your addresses are up to date and once again…. I humbly thank you for your patience and support 🙂

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DISCLAIMER! The following are shout-outs from some great campaigns that are now on Kickstarter. If you have no interest in them, it’s ok. This message is to just confirm that the following has no information on this campaign.


If you’re a minis enthusiast and love customizable, highly detailed resin please check out Greenbrier Games’s new Kickstarter campaign that’s going on now.

Their campaign focuses on miniatures with a gothic horror theme to be used as awesome avatars in other minis games. Their campaign offers resin versions of a few Fairytale Games characters (they picked 5 from our huge roster of characters) and Yashima. It’s an interesting offering since they have “mutation packs” that let you customize those characters with alternate weapons/heads, creating an exciting variation. Plus they have big 40mm and 50mm resin monsters coming up in their stretches. And that’s always a good thing, right?

Here’s the banner link to their campaign!


With the rise of a powerful yet mysterious Shadow Organization, several countries send out their own Zero Agents to investigate. Upon hearing that this organization has already gathered dangerous intel, the Zero Agents must infiltrate the enemy HQ and quickly hack into their systems and recover the master plans.

As a Zero Agent, your objective is to ensure you have more intel than the others in order to give your Country the advantage in the overall power struggle for leadership.

Zero Agents is a tile and dice based, 1-5 player game where you play as one of 5 Zero Agents, each with their own unique set of skills. Hack computers that randomly appear while fending off guards that continue to spawn in response to player dice rolls! But don’t worry, you’ll discover weapons you can fuse together in addition to utilizing your Agent’s unique abilities.

So if you’re interested in an all female cast of secret agents and sexy miniatures, check out their campaign here!