To create a true martial arts experience in the game that’s fast paced, has plenty of action, and makes you feel like you are a master at a combination of fighting styles…. and of course so you can show your friend who’s the true warrior.

Company Overview

Artistic Justice Games specializes in developing and designing trading card games, board games, and video games for most genres. Our team consists of talented and creative individuals from around the world who strive to make each game exciting, fun, and with unlimited replay value.


The game itself is built around the stories of several martial artists from around the world, each with their own reasons for having to fight. The fighters are practitioners of their own countries’ traditional style with influence from various martial arts and weapon applications.

To get to know these warriors, you can begin fighting right out of their starter decks. But to really become the fighter, you can mix and match styles that better suit how you really want to fight. Are you a defensive, offensive, strategic, or traditional fighter? You decide. And for those of you who like to play dirty, if you and your opponent(s) agree, there are the “illegal” cards you can bring to the table for some real crazy fights.

The flow of the game is very simple, fast paced and all quick action and deep strategies. Our goal is to cover as many real martial arts styles as we can and put them directly in your hands so you can be a master of martial arts as well.



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