Kickstarter Campaign

A Card Game to Beat Your Friends Senseless! -- Kicktraq Mini

After a successful campaign, here is a tally of our friends who have given us support and strength to win this fight on Kickstarter. Thank you! We are proud to stand alongside every one of you.

Andrew Kirk

Shaun Duggan

Shinji Takeyama

Rick Dailey

Chris Lin

Sky Williams


Dennis Barter

Noah Caldwell


Christopher Tsang

Tim Chuang


Adam Clark

Anthony Conta

C. Expert

Susan Williams

Louis Gaty



Ed Kowalczewski


Mitchell Clay

Hale Williams


Kelly King

Mark A. Erhardt


Hunter Hrubey

Jake the gaming robot from the future

Philippe Vallée-Lefebvre

Michael Poirier


Joseph Fichera

Joaquin Rodriguez

Gabriel Garcia

David Hinderer

Lani Lee

Lawrence Davis

Jeremy Buckmaster

K&K Harry

Starr Williams

Rheyn Williams

Supporter or the Indie

Micah Gabrielson


Van Huynh Nguyen

Nicholas H.

Stuart Alexander Brock

Carissa Werner


Travisaurus Dunk


Nova Forge Enterprise

Vincent Arebalo


Jason Brown

Tyler Tyssedal 

Ben Ritter

H. Helper

Alexander R. Corbett

Amy S.

Davin Huang

Iris Yeh

Erin Best Margolin

Seth Horton

Ryan Ngo

Fu Pad

Kenneth Reed

David McAvoy

Charlie Manney

Nicole Nini Yeh

Ian Sawlor

Jonathan Hoang

Jordan Tani

Carole Leger

Kevin G. Nunn

Chris Decker

Danny Boy Grimm

Brandon Duarte

Phillipp Winter

Brandon Duarte

If you want to check out the kickstarter page, here’s the link:

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